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We started this True Trekking Company in the year 2015. The main reason for our operation is that one idea is that everyone can do hiking according to their ability in life. Accordingly, we will make your wish to trek in the Himalayas come true. Due to this reason, till date about 5243+ people have trusted us directly and undirectly.

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Choosing the right tour operator agency in Nepal for your Himalayan trekking adventure is important for many reasons. With so much at stake, it’s crucial to ensure that you choose someone who has risk management protocols and processes in place; who invests heavily in training systems and personnel; who offers excellent customer service; and who may even help prepare you psychologically before sending you off on your journey. You’ll also want to find out if they have a good track record with regard to successfully navigating similar adventures or weathering unforeseen challenges before making a decision.



We have partnerships with 70 plus trusted companies in Nepal, This allowing us to offer a wide range of travel services, including hotel bookings, tour packages, and transportation. These partnerships are a key part of what makes us a leading provider of travel services in Nepal. By working with reputable partners, we can offer our customers the best value and service. We are grateful for our partners' support and look forward to providing our customers with an unforgettable travel experience in Nepal.



Nepal has something for everyone, with over 100 destinations to choose from. From Kathmandu and Pokhara to the Annapurna region and the Himalayas, including Mount Everest Langtang, Manaslu, and Dolpo. We offer a wide range of trekking and Hiking options. We offer a destination that will meet your demands, whether you wish to discover Nepal's culture and history or retreat to the natural beauty. We can help you to make and plan an itinerary that allows you to see everything Nepal has to offer.



With over 5,000 bookings, we have become a top provider of travel services in Nepal. Our happy customers come from all around the world and have trusted us to plan their perfect vacations in this beautiful country. We offer excellent service and value, which we believe is the key to our success and why many people choose to book their travel with us. Thank you to our customers for their support. We look forward to helping even more travelers discover the magic of Nepal.

"``Travel is not just a reward for hard work, but an education for living. It's the only thing you can buy that will make you truly richer.``"

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